Report: The State of Tipping in Hotels

Presented by Canary Technologies

A first-of-its-kind report on the current tipping practices of hotel guests and the corresponding impact on frontline hotel workers and management teams.
Key Points Covered in This Report Include:
  • Hotel guest tipping habits and preferences
  • Reported tipping by hotel workers by function
  • How tipping in hotels differs from other service industries
  • How tipping in hotels has changed over time
  • Are hotel guests and hotel workers willing to give and accept digital tips
  • How hoteliers can increase tips and take-home pay for their staff - and why they should be thinking about this now
Digital Tipping Survey

Today's check-in process isn't working.

Credit Card by Canary Technologies

Not safe for your staff and guests

The exchanging of IDs, registration cards, and credit cards does not meet World Health Organization guidelines.

Compliance by Canary Technologies

Tedious and time consuming for staff

Front desk staff spends as much as 20% of their time handling check-in logistics.

Paper forms by Canary Technologies

Unpleasant for guests

71% of guests surveyed prefer a self-service check-in process, according to a Skift and Oracle survey.

Canary makes check-in contactless

Here's how it works

Digital Authorizations by Canary Technologies

Automatically send check-in links for all of your upcoming arrivals via email or text message.

Guests submit their credit card, upload an ID, and sign the hotel's registration card.

Credit card dashboard by Canary Technologies

Canary verifies this information and enables the hotel to check the guest in.