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checkbox  Increase staff pay, without hurting the bottom line.

checkbox  Boost staff retention.

checkbox  Save $1000s on reduced recruiting and training costs.

checkbox  Increase tips by directly embedding tipping into GES Checkout.


Canary helps your staff earn more money

Here’s how it works:

Customized tipping flows

Design the ideal hotel digital tipping flows. Through a single easy-to-use platform, quickly create the digital tipping flows that work best for your hotel.

Engage guests at multiple touchpoints

Encourage digital tipping throughout the guest journey via text message, email, and/or QR codes placed around the property to increase tipping frequency.

Tip by Department or Individual

Receive digital tips from guests by department or individual. Multiple individuals can also receive digital tips at once through a guest’s mobile device.

Distribute tips with payroll integration

Simple automations make it easy for hoteliers to distribute tips to staff.

Automate Tax Forms

Canary handles all of the administrative work for cashless, digital tips.

Improve Staff Retention

Canary Digital Tipping increases staff compensation by up to $5 per hour, which improves staff retention without impacting a hotel's bottom line.

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Canary makes check-in contactless

Here's how it works

Digital Authorizations by Canary Technologies

Automatically send check-in links for all of your upcoming arrivals via email or text message.

Guests submit their credit card, upload an ID, and sign the hotel's registration card.

Credit card dashboard by Canary Technologies

Canary verifies this information and enables the hotel to check the guest in.