The Ultimate Guide to AI in Hospitality

Exploring AI Fundamentals, Use Cases & Risks

The recent emergence of AI technology presents new possibilities for hotel operators to streamline communication and improve efficiency. Our team of technology and hospitality experts put together this guide to demystify AI for hoteliers.
In it we explore:
  • Top 10 use cases for AI in hospitality
  • Predictive vs. generative AI (and why it matters)
  • How hoteliers can benefit from using AI in their operations
  • Implementation, risks, and best practices
If you are looking to learn more about AI trends in hospitality and explore ways to implement AI technology in your hotel, this ebook has you covered. Download your copy today.

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Canary makes check-in contactless

Here's how it works

Digital Authorizations by Canary Technologies

Automatically send check-in links for all of your upcoming arrivals via email or text message.

Guests submit their credit card, upload an ID, and sign the hotel's registration card.

Credit card dashboard by Canary Technologies

Canary verifies this information and enables the hotel to check the guest in.